SafePath™ is the first affordable Life Safety System 
for school gymnasium folding partitions.  

The most cost efficient and effective safety system for 
gymnasium folding partitions, was developed after 31 
years of working with virtually every type of folding partition.  
The system offers the finest protection available today.

*For all makes and models.

*Far superior to all "elevator edge" and "mat" systems.

*Works on ALL existing and new folding partitions.

*Immediate shut down with audible alarm.

*No-Contact design.

*Low voltage composition.

*Fail-safe wiring.

This custom installed system contains the absolute latest in safety controls and fail-safe systems available.  The components rely on sophisticated passive infrared detectors that immediately and completely stop the folding partition when the "zone" is disturbed.

The only safety strap designed specifically for folding ceiling-suspended backstops. The Aut-O-LocTM employs a patented, multi-pawl design with a fall-sensing inertia plate to detect backstop falls and immediately stop them. The housing is machined from high strength heat treated aluminum allow for maximum strength and failsafe operation. After 20 years of protecting gyms, it’s still the number one choice of leading gymnasium equipment manufacturers.