The following will be performed on folding partition / roll up curtain:

1 Complete lubrication will be done on track, trolley grease fittings, chains, gears and panel hinges.
2 Inspection and calibration of all limit switches.
3 Inspection and minor adjustments of chain or cable tension.
4 Check hydraulic cylinders and shafts on each panel for oil leaks on Haws hydraulic systems.
5 Check pressure release valves and entire pneumatic system for air leaks on Torjessen partitions.
6 Inspect track for alignment and wear.
7 Clean floor track in pocket area.
8 Inspect motor controls and electric motor (adding oil if necessary).
9 Check pendant bolts, pendant plates and trolleys.
10 Inspect all areas of operation, performing all necessary minor adjustments.

After this preventive maintenance service is completed, we will send you a complete written report of all problems found and repairs required to put this partition into correct working condition.  The required Safety Inspection Certificate will be given after your doors are in safe working condition.

Please contact us for an estimate: 631.549.8745