Preventive Maintenance Service

The following work will be done on the preventive maintenance service:

1 Tighten all loose hardware.
2 Check that self-tapping screws are in place.
3 Check for loose or missing bolts on understructure.
4 Lubricate all wheels, slides, scissors, hinges and all friction producing parts.
5 Check all tiers for correct clearance.
6 Check spacing between rows.
7 Adjust row lock mechanisms.
8 Check condition of row locks for proper functioning.
9 Minor adjustments will be made on all bent row locks.
10 Adjust and resecure all wall mounts.
11 Check wall anchors.
12 Check that last row vertical columns are anchored to wall or floor.
13 Resecure floor mounts and reposition where necessary.
14 Check safety stops at each row.
15 Check for broken or missing finger locks on each wheel channel.
16 Check gussets at each post.
17 Check for broken welds and sagging support arms at the main deck support bracket.
18 Check for bent C-clips at top of each vertical column.
19 Adjust and lubricate all power link drums.
20 Check oil level in motor; refill if required.
21 Lubricate and adjust drive blocks.
22 Lubricate and check tension on all main chains.
23 Adjust all extended and stack limit switches.
24 Inspect all wood planking for damage.
25 Check for bent or sagging seat boards.

Submit a complete written estimate of any further problems found and the repairs necessary

Please contact us for an estimate: 631.549.8745