Vital checkpoints when making inspections of swing up basketball units include:

1 Remove winch covers, clean and grease worm and tooth gears, and examine for
excessive wear.  If winch has an enclosed gear box in oil bath, check oil reservoir.
2 Look for frayed cables, especially at pulley points.

3 Thoroughly inspect all pulleys attached to walls and beams.  Check for excessive
wear, oil lightly.  Also check the pads and plates to which the pulleys are attached, resecuring as possible.

4 Cable clamps are a must for regular inspection.  Be sure they are tight and secure.

5 Check all fittings and welds for any signs of looseness or deterioration.

6 Any worn parts should be noted for replacement with factory approved parts.

7 Turnbuckles, guy wires and tension rods checked and adjusted.

8 Check all hinge points and oil lightly.

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